Home and School Partnership

We encourage regular contact throughout the year between parents/caregivers and the collaborative space teachers.

When we work together children develop a positive attitude for learning and are motivated to do their best at all times.

To help support this as a school we have:

Whanau Meet the Teacher Picnic

This is an informal school picnic at the beginning of the year where families are encouraged to come along to our school field and enjoy dinner together.  This is a fun occasion for children, whanau and teachers and a great opportunity to get to know each other.

Learning Conferences

At Te Mata School we believe in growing confident and capable kids who ‘seek the heights’ now and in the future.  We value the importance of not only building a relationship with the child but also the whanau. At a mid-year point, we invite you and your child to attend a Learning Conference to have a conversation about how things are going at school and focus on your child as a learner. 


As a parent/caregiver at Te Mata School, you will receive two reports on your child’s progress and achievement each year.  These reports will let you know how your child is tracking against our expectations.