Maths Badges

As part of our Maths Curriculum and Home Learning opportunities, children can choose to take part in the Mathematics Achievement Challenge. 

As they complete the challenges they will earn Maths badges which are presented at assemblies infront of the whole school.

What is the Mathematics Achievement Challenge?

The Mathematics Achievement Challenge is a series of challenges where children choose from a variety of topics and then complete a number of mathematical tasks/investigations.  Once they have completed the challenge requirements, they can then submit their work to Miss Northe who will mark it according to the set criteria.  Once succesful children will get a Maths Badge.  After completing a number of smaller badges they can then achieve the Maths Super Badge.

The vision of the Maths Achievement Challenge is to develop extension and enrichment in mathematics.

The goals of the challenges are to:

  • Continue to develop a positive attitude to mathematics and important life skills eg: perseverance, critical thinking, creative thinking 

  • Extend and enrich students in Mathematics at Levels 3 & 4 in the New Zealand Mathematics curriculum.

  • Complete high interest, open-ended investigations related to everyday life.

  • Create opportunities to experience a deep personal satisfaction and pride in their achievements, students are rewarded with very attractive badges and certificates. 

Who can take part?

This programme is for children in Years 4, 5 & 6 who demonstrate a love and talent for mathematics and are able to work over a sustained period of time at Levels 3 and 4 of the curriculum with support.

How do they complete it?

Children who are interested need to talk with Miss Northe to find out all the information and requirements. 

From here any interested students who want to accept the challenge takes time to select their first Maths Challenge.  Using the material and criteria provided they can begin to undertake in-depth mathematical investigations.  These investigations/tasks can be completed either independently, or co-operatively, over an extended period of time in students own time. 

Can teachers and parents help us?

Yes, however it still needs to be predominantly the child's work. 

Miss Northe and the classroom teachers will support children if they need assistance or support with key concepts or to clarify the criteria expectations.  

Parental support is important too as it will help children stay focussed and work through "tricky" parts.