Structured Literacy @ Te Mata School

Please note: The information and resources on this page are currently being updated to reflect our current practices.

So what is Structured Literacy?

Have a read of our Structured Literacy @ Te Mata information Sheet.  This helps you to understand what Structured Literacy is and how we support our learners from New Entrants to Year 6.

(NB: Permission given by Sunshine Books to use their graphics)

Enjoy watching to see what a Structured Literacy lesson looks like in a Junior School classroom.

Want to know more .....

Don't hesitate to get in touch with your collaborative space teacher!

This video from Emma Nahna will help you to learn and understand:

1) What all the consonant and vowel phonemes (sounds) of NZ English are; and

2) How to say them clearly when you are supporting beginning or struggling learners to hear and use the sounds during phonological awareness, reading and spelling.

If you want to jump past the explanation to the 44 sounds, skip to 2:17

(NB: Permission given by Emma Nahna to use her video)

Parent Evenings

Keep an eye on school communications for the opportunity to attend a parent information session.

Below is a PDF of our Junior School Parent Evening.

Supporting your Child @ Home

Our Junior Teachers have created the following videos to support you with helping your child at home as they begin their Structured Literacy journey. 

Please note that the home learning sheets may differ slightly from class to class.

Phonological Awareness and Set 1

Set 2 and Set 3

Set 4 and Set 5

Set 6 and Set 7