Ways we communicate with you ...

Te Mata School offers lots of opportunities for all learners.  To ensure you are kept up to date with what is going on we communicate with you in a variety of ways.

Our school office is open daily and you are welcome to contact the office between the hours of 8.00 am to 4.00 pm by phone 06 877 7246 or email admin@temata.school.nz.

Click on the buttons below to get set up.  If you need some help, please don't hesitate to ask.

Our Website:  www.temata.school.nz

Everything you need to know is on our school website, from sports registrations to Friday treats, you should be able to find the answers here.

School Newsletters

Our newsletter showcases and celebrates the exciting learning at Te Mata. School newsletters come home fortnightly in your child’s school bag. 

Schoolstream - Te Mata School App:

Download this to get instant notices, updates and reminders to your phone about school events.  You are able to filter the relevant opportunities your child is involved with to ensure you get timely and up to date information.


Te Mata School uses Seesaw as your child’s learning journal.  This is an app which is loaded onto your phone or device and how we share and celebrate your child’s learning and individual progress with you.  This is a powerful tool which connects students, teachers and whanau. 

Your collaborative space teachers will message you from Seesaw to inform you of classroom specific notices. This is also the portal for you to contact your child’s teachers.

At the beginning of the school year, your child's teacher will invite you to connect. 


Make sure you ‘like’ the Te Mata School Facebook page.  We use this page to celebrate and showcase in real-time the fantastic opportunities and learning that our Te Mata learners are involved with on a day to day basis.